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Breaking Boundaries. Driving Innovation.

The world leader in structural and functional electroformed and electro-clad technologies.

   About Integran  

The World Leader in Metallurgical


Integran is the world leader in revolutionary metallurgical nano-technologies, pushing the boundaries of "lighter, better, cheaper" with products based on our electrodeposited nanocrystalline "Nanovate" metal platform. Integran and its predecessor organizations have been at the forefront of metallurgical nano-technology development for over twenty years.


Featured Technologies  

Providing Advanced Materials Solutions to Limitless Applications

Protective Coatings 

Protective Coatings 

Structural Hybrid Components

Electroformed Alloys & Components

Functional Additive Manufacturing

Functional Additive Manufacturing

Delivering Value in Aerospace, Defense, Biomedical and Heavy Industries

Our collaborations deliver value by enabling new products, weight savings, cost competitiveness, and reduced environmental footprints. Integran has a prove track record in R&D, Prototyping, Small Volume Production and Licensing with the largest patent portfolio in metallurgical nano-technology.

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The World of Nanomaterials is Evolving Each Day. 

What the World is Saying

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Careers at Integran Technologies

Integran's success is directly attributed to our world-class engineers and technicians. Join our team today!

Ushering in the Nano-Age

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Explore Our World Class Facility

Integran's facility remains the first of it's kind, and a beacon for advanced material science worldwide.

Why Nanovate?

Whether it involve the deployment of Chrome Replacement technology, or Plating on Plastics, Nanovate is the future.

Nanomaterial Enabled Products

Integran Technologies continues to push the envelope in materials design. Find out what's in the pipeline.

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