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Why Nanovate?  

With Nanovate, You can Achieve what was Previously Unachievable. 

Integran is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of revolutionary electrodeposited (plated) nanocrystalline “Nanovate™” metals. Our nanotechnology enabled metals take advantage of the fine crystalline grain structure to achieve superior performance at reduced weight vs conventional material solutions. Our technology platform consists primarily of Nickel, Iron, Cobalt and Copper alloys that we use to create high performance parts that are:

  • Lighter, stronger, harder and cheaper than Aluminum

  • Corrosion and wear resistant

  • Shielded against low frequency magnetic interference

  • Exhibit higher energy and noise absorption efficiency 

  • Can also be used as a full replacement for Hard Chrome plating

In addition to manufacturing products, we also provide services such as:

  • Plating on plastics, including polymers like nylon, Peek, and ABS

To learn more, feel free to visit our technical brochures here.

Creating High Performance Parts with a Wide Range of Material Properties.

Why Nanovate?  

Notable Consumer Applications of Nanovate

Advanced Sporting Goods: Hockey Sticks

With composite-based hockey sticks breaking in-game at an alarming rate, Nanovate NiCo was used as a reinforcement coating for COLT Hockey products. The thin coating increased the strength of the stick three-fold, while maintaining the lightweight feel and flex elite players had grown accustomed to. The key to this application's success: the prevention of micro-fracturing within the base composite material minimizing the risk of catastrophic failure over time.

Advanced Sporting Goods: Golf Shafts

The first golf product to feature advanced nanamoterial, the Epic Shaft includes an outer layer of nano-Nickel alloy and an inner layer of high modulus carbon fibre. While the Nanovate bond between these two layers is quite narrow, it is exponentially stronger than steel giving the shaft extremely high levels of strength. In 2008, the Epic Shaft made waves across the sporting world as professional golfer, Trevor Immelman, picked up his first Masters win while touting the new club. 

Advanced Sporting Goods: Union Bindings

Union is proud to be the only company in the snowboard industry employing Integran's Nanovate Technology (also referred to as "MetaFuse" -- a groundbreaking process that combines featherweight nylon with the dimensional stability and wear-resistance of hardened steel. 

Advanced Sporting Goods: Anderson Bats

Stronger and more flexible than steel and titanium, the patented NanoTek softball bat utilizes Integran's Nanovate technology as well as the Hall-Petch Effect to create a "launch-pad" on the barrel that stores more energy at contact. This delivers superior performance, improved feel, and twice the effective hitting area of the competition.

Advanced Sporting Goods: Cervélo Bikes

In cycling, for the Tour de France, Cervélo Cycles of Toronto, Canada, uses a Nanovate metal reinforced composite product in one of its steering tube/fork assemblies to give longer life and maximize the toughness of its lightweight frame structures.

Why Nanovate?  

A Diverse Technology Platform

Nanovate NV

Nanovate-NV (also known as Nanovar) is a low thermal expansion, very hard nanometal surface coating that's especially well suited for carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite tooling. Because of its higher yield strength, wear and fatigue resistance, resilience and thermal-shock resistance, it provides improved performance and longer tooling life. Download the Nanovate NV brochure here.

Nanovate CR

Nanovate-CR is an electro-deposited nano-crystalline cobalt-phosphorus alloy developed by Integran with funding from U.S. and Canadian defence partners as a hard chrome replacement. It was developed as a response to environmental concerns regarding hex chrome's high toxicity.  Current applications include aircraft landing gear, hydraulic actuators, and gas turbine engines.  Download the Nanovate CR brochure here.

Nanovate NS

Nanovate-NS is a coating designed to protect composite and metal parts from rain erosion, sand erosion, and other wear damage. Nanovate-NS can be selectively applied, allowing performance to be delivered where it is needed, and performs well on composites under a wide variety of environmental conditions. It is currently being applied to high volume components in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Download the Nanovate NS brochure here.

Nanovate NP

Nanovate-NP (structural plating on plastics) combines high strength nano-crystalline metal coatings on injection molded plastics, resulting in lighter, stronger, more durable parts than aluminum. A wide array of polymers can be used, including ABS, Nylon, PEEK, SLS, SLA, and FDM. Download the Nanovate NP brochure here.

Nanovate EM

Nanovate-EM is a magnetic shielding coating that is electroplated and/or electroformed and has soft magnetic properties (like high magnetic permeability and good saturation magnetization). Nanovate-EM is a nano-crystalline material and does not suffer from shock drop or strain sensitivity in magnetic shielding performance as is observed in traditional, large grain size materials. Download the Nanovate-EM brochure here.

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