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In a wide variety of industries, including those related to aerospace and military applications in particular, protective coatings and cladding alternatives are essential. No matter the size, shape, or intended function of component, Integran's advanced electro-formed and electro-clad processes -- characterized within our vast Nanovate Technology platforms -- have become the world leading solution for engineering initiatives requiring an innovative and uncompromising approach. 

Integran's Protective Coatings Offer New Product Design Possibilities

What are the Benefits of Integran's Protective Coatings and Cladding Alternatives?

Nanovate Technology Processes Applicable to Protective Coatings and Cladding Alternatives:

Traditionally, protective coating materials have long been applied to the surfaces of components to serve as an external corrosion prevention layer. While both metallic and non-metallic materials have been leveraged to this aim, Integran deploys a series of advanced, metallurgical nano-technology processes to protect essential components in countless, critical applications.


The material benefits of our processes include, but are not limited to: unparalleled corrosion and wear protection, increased impact resistance, and improved electromagnetic shielding.


Furthermore, in response to the harsh environmental impact of Chromium -- a typical protective coating material -- Integran has developed an award winning, total Hexavalent Chrome replacement leveraging our nano-CoP technology platform (Nanovate CR). 

Nanovate EM

Nanovate-EM is a magnetic shielding coating that is electroplated and/or electroformed and has soft magnetic properties (like high magnetic permeability and good saturation magnetization). Nanovate-EM is a nano-crystalline material and does not suffer from shock drop or strain sensitivity in magnetic shielding performance as is observed in traditional, large grain size materials. Learn More

Nanovate CR

Nanovate-CR is an electro-deposited nano-crystalline cobalt-phosphorus alloy developed by Integran with funding from U.S. and Canadian defence partners as a hard chrome replacement. It was developed as a response to environmental concerns regarding hex chrome's high toxicity.  Current applications include aircraft landing gear, hydraulic actuators, and gas turbine engines. Learn More.

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