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Integran’s cutting-edge electroforming processes leverage a highly specialized use of electrodeposition for the manufacturing of nano-technoloy enabled metals and metal alloys. Unlike current alternatives, Integran’s electroforming process can be successfully achieved with nano-Copper, nano-Nickel, and nano-Cobalt metals, allowing for a vast array of dimensional tolerances and functional surface finishes.


This type of metal forming process includes the use of highly customizable mandrels which are passivated for seamless component separation post-electroform. As the world leader in metallurgical nano-technologies, Integran remains the only firm capable of electroformed material separation at dimensional tolerances as small as 2-4 microns in thickness – perfect for laser-cut SMT stencil foils, positive mandrels for miscellaneous industrial use, as well as a wide range of critical components requiring similar dimensional tolerances.

Electroforming Complex, High Performing Components Without Loss of Fidelity

Custom, Innovative Solutions Leveraging a Suite of Nanovate Technology Processes

Nanovate NV

Nanovate-NV (also known as Nanovar) is a low thermal expansion, very hard nanometal surface coating that's especially well suited for carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite tooling. Because of its higher yield strength, wear and fatigue resistance, resilience and thermal-shock resistance, it provides improved performance and longer tooling life. Download the Nanovate NV brochure here.

Nanovate CR

Nanovate-CR is an electro-deposited nano-crystalline cobalt-phosphorus alloy developed by Integran with funding from U.S. and Canadian defence partners as a hard chrome replacement. It was developed as a response to environmental concerns regarding hex chrome's high toxicity.  Current applications include aircraft landing gear, hydraulic actuators, and gas turbine engines.  Download the Nanovate CR brochure here.

Nanovate NS

Nanovate-NS is a coating designed to protect composite and metal parts from rain erosion, sand erosion, and other wear damage. Nanovate-NS can be selectively applied, allowing performance to be delivered where it is needed, and performs well on composites under a wide variety of environmental conditions. It is currently being applied to high volume components in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Download the Nanovate NS brochure here.

Nanovate NP

Nanovate-NP (structural plating on plastics) combines high strength nano-crystalline metal coatings on injection molded plastics, resulting in lighter, stronger, more durable parts than aluminum. A wide array of polymers can be used, including ABS, Nylon, PEEK, SLS, SLA, and FDM. Download the Nanovate NP brochure here.

Nanovate EM

Nanovate-EM is a magnetic shielding coating that is electroplated and/or electroformed and has soft magnetic properties (like high magnetic permeability and good saturation magnetization). Nanovate-EM is a nano-crystalline material and does not suffer from shock drop or strain sensitivity in magnetic shielding performance as is observed in traditional, large grain size materials. Download the Nanovate-EM brochure here.

Learn more about our Electroformed Alloys and Components technology through our white papers, technical reports, and case studies.

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