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Our Team  

Driving Innovation and Leading the Nanotechnology Revolution.

Dr. Gino Palumbo

President & CEO 

MMS 8T3, MASc 8T5, PhD 8T9, FCAE

Dr. Gino Palumbo began leaving his mark within the scientific community in the late 1980s when he spearheaded the development of a nanotechnology-enabled technique for the economical repair of nuclear reactors -- now widely used to preserve generators in power plants. His cutting edge work continues to inspire engineers and scientists around the world.

Dr. Jon McCrea

VP Research & Development

Dr. Jon McCrea has been a leader at Integran Technologies for more than a decade -- spearheading countless R&D initiatives that have revolutionized the industry. His expertise can be seen first hand within the IP he's enabled throughout his career. 

Nancy Lavignasse

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Having called Integran home since it's inception, Nancy Lavignasse has played a vital role in establishing Integran's current standing as the world leader in advanced nanomaterial technologies. Her dedication and commitment to the program has spanned nearly two-decades, and remains a fundamental driver of the company's unrivalled culture. 

Dr. Klaus Tomantschger

VP Intellectual Property & Licensing

Managing North America's largest patent portfolio in the field, Dr. Klaus Tomantschger has spent close to two decades ensuring Integran's seamless IP pipeline; connecting all phases of the R&D and innovation process and enabling the company's continued growth.

Andy Robertson

Director of Operations

Peter Lin

QA Officer, Senior Project Leader

Dave Limoges

Adv. Manufacturing Manager

Gus Panagiotopoulos

Process Manager

Mioara Neacsu

Technical Manager Activation R&D

Mike Morris

Technical Manager Electroplating

Stefanie Bellomo

Administrative Manager

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