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  Integran's Processes  

Plating on Plastics Capabilities

Integran Technologies offers novel nanocrystalline structural metallizations for plastics under our AS9100/ISO9001 certified quality system. We are one of few companies in North America that electroplate engineering polymers such as Nylon (PA).  Our focus remains on applications requiring structural reinforcement, wear surfaces and EMI or magnetic shielding as opposed to strictly thin decorative coatings.

Our customers are in a wide variety of quality critical industries such as aerospace, defense and space.  Integran employs a highly skilled workforce and has industry leading analytical capability to ensure processes are run at the highest quality standards. 

Structural Plating on Plastics

By using Integran's Nanovate structural plating on plastics you can:

  • Reduce the weight of your machined aluminum parts by 30-40%

  • Improve surface durability and impact resistance by 5-10x

  • Maintain similar strength and stiffness properties 

  • Introduce complex part features (i.e.: thin walls, small features) that injection molding can offer over casting or machining of metals.

Think of this as adding a tough, tool steel like exoskeleton to your plastic parts. This creates a more durable plastic hybrid -- longer lasting than lightweight metals like Aluminum. 

In addition to the interesting properties of our structural metals, we also maintain best-in-class adhesion technologies for plating on polymers that enables our products.  Integran's quality system is also completely certified for aerospace, defense and space manufacturing. 

Current Structural Plating Technology Deployment


In addition to advanced sporting goods, we have applied Nanovate structural plating over high performance polymers like Peek and PEI to displace aluminum in aero engine applications. Here, there is a huge benefit to weight savings and durability performance improvements. Other benefits in Aerospace would be in aerospace interiors like replacing tray table arms and other machined aluminum parts. 

Handheld Devices (HHDs)

The value in leveraging our plating on plastic technology for handheld devices includes the displacement of die cast aluminum and magnesium -- in many cases, with our Nanovate structural coating encapsulating a complex injection molded internal frame.  The injection molding process can achieve finer features than traditional die casting.

Medical Devices

In the medical device field, Integran has developed a number of alloy solutions that accomplish structural reinforcement without utilizing Nickel bearing alloys. These parts usually require exceptional hardness and wear resistance, take advantage of the fine features possible with injection molding and value products being lightweight. 

  Integran's Processes  

Learn More About Integran's Processes.

Low CTE Coatings

Unlike other processes, Nanovate remains the only dependable technology that enables the production of extremely hard, low CTE coatings that can be applied to a large variety of polymer, metal and semiconductor substrates with good adhesion.

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