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  Integran's Processes  

Grain Boundary Engineering

Grain Boundary Engineered (GBE) alloys exhibit excellent properties that result from a high population of ordered grain boundaries. GBE is a thermo-mechanical process that can be incorporated into existing manufacturing production lines.


Bulk Processing

GBE is a thermomechanical bulk metal processing technique for superalloys which improves their fatigue, creep, and corrosion-resistance at high temperatures. Can be applied to stock materials or during forging steps

Surface Treatment

The GBEST process can also be applied on the surface of a near finished component to impart fatigue and corrosion-resistance. 

Improve the Performance of Nickel-based Superalloys in:

  • Fatigue Resistance

  • High Temperature Creep Resistance

  • Sulfidation Rresistance

  • Weldability 

  • Intergranular Corrosion & Cracking Resistance

  Integran's Processes  

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Low CTE Coatings

Unlike other processes, Nanovate remains the only dependable technology that enables the production of extremely hard, low CTE coatings that can be applied to a large variety of polymer, metal and semiconductor substrates with good adhesion.

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