Nanovate EM - Magnetic Shield Electroplating

Nanovateā„¢ EM is a magnetic shielding coating that is electroplated and/or electroformed and has good soft magnetic properties (like high magnetic permeability and good saturation magnetization).  Aside from the obvious processing benefits of coating a part, Nanovate EM is nanocrystalline and does not suffer from shock drop or strain sensitivity in magnetic shielding performance seen with traditional large grain size materials. 

When electroplated, Nanovate EM can add magnetic shielding to a wide variety of parts (like electronics enclosures/housings, inertial navigation sensors like optical gyroscope (FOGs or RLGs) casings/housings, pins, tubes etc.) made from materials like:

  • Magnetic Shielded Aluminum Electronics EnclosureMachined aluminum - On it's own Aluminum is transparent to magnetic fields and therefore magnetic interference.  This is the most common electronics enclosure material (for electronics like optical gyroscopes, power supplies, sensors, vacuum chambers) to which we add Nanovate EM magnetic shielding, especially since good dimensional control of the shield can be maintained.  We can either supply the magnetic field shielded aluminum to your drawing specifications, or work to plate your Aluminum parts if you are already having them made. 
  • describe the imageThermoplastic Polymers - Similar to Aluminum, polymers do not provide any magnetic shielding on their own. Nanovate EM can be plated directly onto a wide variety of plastics to impart magnetic shielding. Nanovate EM on polymer is a good solution where weight of the final shield is of critical importance, or the complexity of the part lends itself to injection molding.  We can either supply the final magnetic field shielded part to your drawing specifications, or plate your supplied polymer parts. Typical polymers include:
    • ABS
    • Nylon (PA)
    • Ultem (PEI)
    • PEEK
    • and more..
  • Stamped mild steel - Mild steel has poor magnetic permeability, but a decent magnetic saturation.  Adding Nanovate EM is a good way of boosting magnetic shielding performance of mild steel.  Nanovate EM shielding on stamped mild steel parts is most common where cost is critical, where volumes are high, and product weight is less important. 
  • Other Materials - Adding a soft magnetic coating to a non-magnetic (para magnetic) material like Aluminum or 303 Stainless can create interesting products for sensor coil coupling applications. Nanovate EM can be selectively plated in these cases if required.

In all cases, our Nanovate EM plating process adds magnetic shielding without adding unnecessary bulk and processing steps of traditional formed magnetic shields.  In addition to low frequency shielding, it will also provide high frequency shielding in applications where skin thickness is not a concern. 

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