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Integran to Launch Nanometal/Composite Hybrid Technology at JEC Composites Show in Paris

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – March 16th, 2007, Integran Technologies Inc. announced today that it is introducing its Nanometal/Composite Hybrid technology to the composites industry at this year’s JEC Composites show in Paris, France (April 3-5, 2007). Nanometal/composite hybrids are now being used to develop innovative new products. Nanometals have crystalline grain sizes 1000 times smaller, and strength and hardness 3-5 times greater than conventional metals. Through Integran’s proprietary process, these materials are produced as foils or applied as coatings, and are now being combined with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites to provide additional hardness, durability and other functionality. Carbon Fibre Composite Plates coated with a nanostructured low CTE metal alloy (NanovarTM); Coated and bare Carbon fibre tubes subjected to an automotive stone chipping test showing severe surface cracking of the uncoated part In aerospace, a low thermal expansion coating (NanovarTM) has been developed to give lightweight composite tools a hard durable surface, allowing them to function like production metal (Invar) molds. In motor-sports, improving the durability of composite fascia’s and winglets against stone chipping is being explored. In sporting goods, a new hybrid golf shaft design was recently announced using the nanometal to improve torsional stiffness and resiliency, improving both shot distance and accuracy. “CFRP is an amazing engineering material, but with the addition of Nanometal coatings, engineers will be able to design lightweight products with previously uncharted durability and mechanical integrity,” says Andrew Wang, VP of Product Development at Integran Technologies. For more information on nanometals, visit Integran, at the Canadian Pavilion of this year’s JEC Composites show or contact Andrew Wang (416) 675-6266 x263 (


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