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Integran Awarded Patent for Water Repellent Metal Surface Technology

Posted on Tue, Nov 05, 2013

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 31, 2013) - Toronto-based Integran Technologies Inc. (Integran) today announced further advances in its electrodeposition technology for forming grain-refined and amorphous coatings and layers.

Integran's water repellent metallic material surface technology has issued as US 8,545,994, entitled "ELECTRODEPOSITED METALLIC MATERIALS COMPRISING COBALT". The patent describes means for rendering exposed cobalt-based surfaces super-hydrophobic and/or self-cleaning.

Integran's President & CEO Gino Palumbo stated, "We are pleased that our surface patterning technology which renders normally hydrophilic smooth cobalt-based metal surfaces water-repellent has been recognized by the United States Patent Office. Our new technology can be used to achieve water repellent properties on metallic surfaces which are strong and durable and do not deteriorate by rain/hail/snow erosion."

Professor Uwe Erb of the University of Toronto, and co-inventor of the patent said: "This new technology achieves contact angles for water between 120 and 150degrees. In contrast, conventional metal surfaces are wetting (contact angles less than 90 degrees) when smooth and cannot be rendered hydrophobic by the same approach, in line with known scientific principles. This technology is expected to further broaden the application of Integran's electrodeposition technology in numerous applications including airfoils for airplanes and windmills, sensors and other exposed components in aerospace and defense, transportation, biomedical, sporting goods and consumer applications."


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