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COLT Hockey Generation Four Product Release

COLT Hockey Gen 4

Generation Four Release

Toronto, Canada. We are pleased to report that via a joint development effort between COLT Hockey, Powermetal Technologies and Integran, on September 13, 2018, we officially launched the 4th Generation of the COLT Hockey project – highlighted by the release of two innovative product lines.

The much-anticipated COLT 4, while building on the significant technical successes achieved with the prior C0LT I, II and III products, has been enabled by a completely reconstructed base composite layup, which renders this hockey stick the lightest (additional 5% reduction) and most balanced product ever produced/designed by COLT.

A special design focus was placed on stick handling, feel, and quick release shooting, pushing our engineers to dramatically alter the contouring and physical layering of the COLT 4 inner-shaft profile, providing (i) a variable kick point and (ii) a unique feel with a refined and enhanced version of our COLT Soft-Touch finish (now offered with a never-before-seen 3-D shaft texturing)

In addition, the remarkable fracture resistance and durability that has characterized the COLT Hockey brand from the outset has not been compromised in any way.

The first of its kind for COLT Hockey, the 4th Generation also sees the upcoming release of the COLT PRO – a stick designed for players seeking an ultra-lightweight, pro-stock-inspired alternative to add to their game. The COLT PRO features an innovative, 18K Carbon, nano-engineered, core composite construct – the first COLT hockey stick concept to feature a fully exposed, composite finish. The novel product was developed for players who are just beginning to recognize the potential of nanomaterial technology in sport, and are looking for an intermediary option while they become more comfortable with the COLT Hockey brand.

We would like to thank our stakeholders, staff, collaborating university researchers, suppliers, aerospace & defense partners, friends, and most importantly, our loyal customers for your unwavering support of the COLT project over the past 6 years, and I look forward to future interactions as we continue the quest for perfection in sports equipment.

For more information on the COLT 4 and COLT PRO, please visit


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