Nanovate Structural Plating for Durable Composites

Why Nanovate plate a composite?

1) Composite goes from soft plastic to impact resistant, tool steel like surface

  • Nanovate metals have exceptional toughness and hardness which protect the composite from wear and damage
  • Surface wear, impact resistance and fatigue performance after damage all significantly improve
  • Example 1: Colt Hockey's High Durability Composite Hockey Stick
  • Example 2: Adding rain, sand erosion protection to aerospace composite window frames, wing access panels, inlets
Nanovate protected composite and sand erosion

2) Better "after damage" performance

  • Even after suffering damage in the underlying composite, the high strength of the Nanovate metal skin allows parts to work much longer.
  • Example: Cervelo Rca bike fork - Nanovate metals helped improve the fatigue performance of this steer tube by 20x WHILE reducing weight of the part
Nanovate plating protecting Cervelo composite steer tube

3) High flexibility of composites easily matched by Nanovate metal

  • Nanovate metals have a very high elastic limit and yield strength meaning that they take the high composite flex easily. 
  • Other metals are either:
    • Too low strength (and suffer plastic deformation when flexed)
    • Too brittle (crack when flexed - this is common to many high strength metals) 
  • Example: Epic Golf Shaft - This carbon composite shaft with a Nanovate metal cladding was used to win the Masters in 2008 and the US Open in 2009.  Imagine the flex that the thin Nanovate metal cladding needs to survive! Really aggressive and excellent application for our metals!

Nanovate Metallized Epic Golf Shaft

Other applications:

Integran is also experienced in protecting composite rollers, adding conductivity to the surface of lightning strike coupons and making lightweight composite hydraulic cylinders (with Nanovate metals as the thin sliding wear surface).   

So what about your application?  We have lots of experience, so why not contact us to discuss!

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