Why Nanovate™?

The nanoscale grain sizez of Integran's Nanovate materials leads to a 5x increase in strength vs. conventional materialsIntegran is a world leader in development and manufacturing of revolutionary electrodeposited (plated) nanocrystalline “Nanovate™” metals. Our nanotechnology enabled metals take advantage of the fine crystalline grain structure to achieve superior performance at reduced weight vs conventional material solutions. Our technology platform consists primarily of Nickel, Iron, Cobalt and Copper alloys that we use to create high performance parts that are:

In addition to manufacturing products, we also provide services such as:

Integran’s Toronto, Canada facilities include:

  • R&D, prototyping and development facility
  • ITAR compliance (Canadian controlled goods program)
  • AS9100C certified quality system for aerospace plating
  • Fully equipped test lab

We are also open to technology licensing for appropriate mass production opportunities and have already licensed to manufacturing partners in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China.