Executive Team

Gino Palumbo
Dr. Gino Palumbo
President & CEO
Nancy Lavignasse Nancy Lavignasse
Chief Financial and Administative Officer



Jon McCrea
Dr. Jon McCrea
VP Research and Development
Klaus TomantschgerDr. Klaus Tomantschger
VP Intellectual Property

Corporate Info

Integran is a world leader in revolutionary metallurgical nano-technologies, pushing the boundaries of “lighter, better, cheaper” with products based on our electrodeposited nanocrystalline “Nanovate” metal platform. Integran and its predecessor organizations have been at the forefront of metallurgical nano-technology development for over twenty years. From the first large scale structural application for nano-structured materials in (the award-winning Electrosleeve process for nuclear steam generator repair) and one of the earliest issued US patents in the field of nanotechnology, Integran has established an international reputation for excellence in materials product development and commercialization. Integran owns the intellectual property rights for the cost-effective production of metallurgical nano-structures with over 300 patents dealing with the structure, composition, processing and application of its revolutionary materials.

Integran is open to discussing any business opportunities for customer alloy development, licensing, application development and manufacturing. Contact us today to discuss your next generation product requirements.