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Nanovate™ is the ultimate electroformed stencil blank allowing the precision, durability and performance of electroforming with the convenience of laser cutting. 

Not Just Any Electroform

Created by the metallurgists and electrochemists at Integran Technologies, Nanovate™ N1210 is a Nickel Cobalt alloy with an average grain size of 10-20 nanometers; its grain size is 1000 times smaller than traditional metals.  The fine grain size enables the retention of fine features. Combined with a mirror surface finish, Nanovate™ has excellent paste release and reduced sliding friction.  Our process produces alloys which have neutral stress creating flat product.  We ensure low sulphur content allowing Nanovate™ to remain ductile after laser cutting.

Mechanical Properties

Nanovate™ is known across industries for its outstanding mechanical properties.  Its high hardness and low coefficient of friction make for the longest lasting material on the market.  Both your squeegee and stencils will last longer.  The high yield strength allows usage of thin gauge sections.  We offer down to 0.001” thick for custom orders.

Nanovate™ N1210 Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Elongation to Failure
Grain Size
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