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Nanovate Foil Cose-up

Nanovate™ foils are the highest quality hard nickel stencil blanks on the market. We offer foils with, or without glue dots in a number of standard sizes and thicknesses.  For stock items, we typically turn orders around in 3-5 business days.  We can also run custom orders and thicknesses as required. Learn more about our Technology or Contact us for our pricing and order information.

Nanovate™ N1210 Foil with gluedots

Glue dots allow for maximum hold onto the stencil frame.

Nanovate Foil with Glue Dots
N1210 Glue Dot Specs
Nanovate™ N1210 Foil without gluedots

We also offer foils without glue dots with with a 3/4" roughened area around the perimeter for better glue adhesion.

Nanovate Foil No Glue Dots
N1210 No Glue Dots Specs

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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