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Nanovate Foils

Fine Grain Nickel Foils

Designed and optimized
for laser-cut SMT stencils


Why we are different?

Our best-in-class Nanovate™ Stencil Foils combine the speed and cost savings of modern laser cutting technology with the durability and performance of electroformed nickel stencils


Precise thickness tolerance, flatness and mirror surface finish

Nano-scale grains promote smooth aperture walls after laser cutting for improved release and transfer efficiency


Committed to delivering the highest quality stencil foils

Our operation maintains AS9100 & ISO9001 aerospace quality certification


2X improvement in stencil life compared to stainless steel

Optimal hardness for better durability and longevity for consistent print performance


Around the clock customer support and product consultation

Our Nanovate engineers and scientists are committed to working closely with your team to ensure you maximize performance by building custom solutions


Competitive, flexible pricing and worldwide availability

Efficient manufacturing and fast turnaround delivery to meet your deadlines


Supported by leading engineers in the field of advanced materials

As a subsidiary of Integran Technologies, we are proven leaders who have brought nanotechnology to an industrial scale

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