Spec Plating Services

Integran can offer both novel nanocrystalline metal and standard ("spec") plated metal finishing options under its AS9100/ISO9001 certified quality system for plastics.  Our customers are in a wide variety of quality critical industries such as aerospace, defense and space to name a few.  Integran employs a highly skilled workforce and has industry leading analytical capability to ensure that processes are run properly:

Spec Plating Capabilities

  • Nickel plating
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Copper plating
  • Nickel-Cobalt plating and electroforming
  • Nickel-Iron plating and electroforming
  • Zinc-Nickel plating (Cadmium replacement)
  • Cobalt-Phosphorous plating (Hard Chrome replacement)

Platable Substrates:

Common specifications Integran can electroplate:

  • MIL-C-14550B Copper Plating Electrodeposited
  • MIL-C-26074E Electroless Nickel Coatings
  • AMS - QQ-N-290A Nickel Plating
  • MIL-P-27418 USAF Plating Soft Nickel
  • ASTM B689 Standard specification for Electroplated engineering nickel coatings
  • ASTM B734 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Copper for Engineering uses
  • ASTM B841 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited coatings of Zn-Ni alloy deposits
  • AMS-2418 G Copper Plating
  • AMS 2423 Engineering Nickel
  • AMS 2404 Electroless Nickel