Soft Magnetic Alloy Plating

Integran offers soft magnetic permalloy nickel-iron plating (Nanovate EM) which is nanostructured for peak soft magnetic characteristics such as magnetic permeability. 

Magnetic Shielded Aluminum Electronics Enclosure

Key Benefits:

  • Electroplated directly - avoids forming common with other soft magnetic materials like Mumetal
  • Nanocrystalline structure of plating resists strain induced performance drops (common when dropping or straining Mumetal)  
Sample Applications:
  • Magnetic Shielding (FOG Gyros, Electronics Enclosures) 
  • Magnetic Coupling/Sensing (Flow sensors, position sensors)
Sample Substrates:
  • Aluminum (Machined, Cast)
  • Plastic (ABS, PA (Nylon), Ultem, PEEK etc.)
  • Non-Magnetic Stainless Steels (303 etc.) 
  • Low cost stamped carbon steel

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