Standard Plating on Plastics Capabilities

Volume plastic plating plantIntegran can offer both novel nanocrystalline structural metallizations and standard ("spec") plated metal finishing options for plastics under its AS9100/ISO9001 certified quality system.  We are one of the few companies in North America that electroplate engineering polymers such as Nylon (PA).  Our focus here at Integran is on applications that require structural reinforcement, wear surfaces and EMI or magnetic shielding as opposed to strictly thin decorative coatings (although we can provide these as top coats if required). 

Our customers are in a wide variety of quality critical industries such as aerospace, defense and space.  Integran employs a highly skilled workforce and has industry leading analytical capability to ensure processes are run at to the highest quality standards.  Our capabilities are as follows: 

Plastics we can Electroplate:

Plastics Integran can Plate

Injection Molded Polymers

Filler Types and Approx %

Sample Suppliers

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Unfilled, Glass-filled (10-30%)

SABIC, Ticona

Polycarbonate-ABS Blends (PC-ABS)

< 45 % PC


Polypropylene (PP)

Mineral filled (20-40%)


Polyamide (PA, Nylon) 6, 66

Mineral filled (10-40%),

glass- filled (10 – 50%)

DuPont, Lanxess, Rhodia, EMS

Polyamide (PA, Nylon) 4,6

Glass filled (10 – 40%)


Polyarylamides (PAA – IXEF)

Glass-filled (10-50%)


Polyimides (PI)

Carbon filled (10-30%)


Polypthalamides (PPA)

Mineral and glass filled


DuPont, Solvay

Polyetherimides (PEI)

Glass and Carbon filled (10 – 30%)


Polyphenylene sulfides (PPS)

Carbon and Glass Filled (10-40%)

Ticona, LATI

Polyarylether Ketones (PEEK)

Glass and Carbon filled (10-60%)

Victrex, LATI, LNP, Solvay

Polyamide Imides (PAI, Torlon)

Glass, Carbon filled (10-30%)


Rapid Prototyping Polymers (SLS, SLA, FDM)

Filler Types and Approx %

Sample Suppliers

Polyamides (Nylon)

Unfilled, glass and carbon filled


3D systems, EOS, Windform

Polyether Imides (PEI)


Fortus / SABIC



3D systems, Objet

Compression Molded Polymers

Filler Types and Approx %

Sample Suppliers

Polyetherether Ketones (PEEK)

Glass and Carbon Filled


 Metal Finishing Options

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  • Nickel plating
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Copper plating
  • Nickel-Cobalt plating and electroforming
  • Nickel-Iron plating and electroforming
  • Zinc-Nickel plating (Cadmium replacement)
  • Cobalt-Phosphorous plating (Hard Chrome replacement)

Common specifications Integran can electroplate:

  • MIL-C-14550B Copper Plating Electrodeposited
  • MIL-C-26074E Electroless Nickel Coatings
  • AMS - QQ-N-290A Nickel Plating
  • MIL-P-27418 USAF Plating Soft Nickel
  • ASTM B689 Standard specification for Electroplated engineering nickel coatings
  • ASTM B734 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Copper for Engineering uses
  • ASTM B841 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited coatings of Zn-Ni alloy deposits
  • AMS-2418 G Copper Plating
  • AMS 2423 Engineering Nickel
  • AMS 2404 Electroless Nickel
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