Permalloy Plating - Electroplating for Magnetic Shielding

Integran offers permalloy plating of nickel iron (Nanovate EM) which is nanostructured for peak soft magnetic characteristics such as magnetic permeability. 

Permalloy Plating on Aluminum Electronics Enclosure


  • Plated permalloy avoids forming and integration steps common wtih other soft magnetic materials like Mumetal
  • Nanocrystalline structure of plating avoids strain induced performance drops 
  • Magnetic Shielding (FOG Gyros, Electronics Enclosures) 
  • Magnetic Coupling/Sensing (Flow sensors, position sensors)
  • Aluminum (Machined, Cast)
  • Plastic (ABS, PA (Nylon), Ultem, PEEK etc.)
  • Non-Magnetic Stainless Steels (303 etc.) 
  • Low cost stamped carbon steel


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