Nickel Stencil Blanks for SMT Manufacturing

Integran's hard nickel blanks for SMT solder stencils can be laser cut into the highest performance solder stencils on the market. Fine features with good solder release performance, and stencil durability that exceeds the best stainless steel by 400% are a result of a carefully controlled metal microstructure that mimics that of electroformed stencils. Foil quality is underpinned by Integran's strong analytical capabilities.


  1. Excellent durability for longer lifespan solder stencils (~2 times harder than fine grained stainless)
  2. Excellent laser cutting for smooth walls (for paste release) and accurate/precise apertures
  3. Excellent flatness 
  4. Easy cleaning (mirror finish) 
  5. Maintains ductility after laser cutting


  • Panel size: 22"x24" 
  • Thickness: 0.002" - 0.006" (50-150 microns)
  • Thickness tolerance: ~+/- 10% 
  • With or without edge glue dot pattern
Integran supplies the highest quality nickel stencil blanks with short lead times to support your stencil business!  Nickel stencil blanks are shipped from our Toronto Canada facilities.  We currently support some of the biggest companies in the industry - let us help you too!

Samples are available for evaluation upon request.  To obtain samples, please contact us using our contact page!