High Strength Metal Foam Overview:

Metal foams for armor

Open cell and with over 2x the strength of other metal foams at the same density, Integran's Nanovate metal foams are exceptional for applications like energy and noise attenuation. We do this by combining the high toughness of Integran's nanocrystalline metals with an efficient, bioinspired, bone like structure.   All metal foams have a polyurethane core that acts as a scaffolding for the structural nanocrystalline Nanovate metals.

Nanovateā„¢ Metal Foams have excellent:

  • Compressive strength over other metal foams at the same densityMetal Foam for Vehicle Armor
  • High strain rate performance for blast, ballistics, armor applications 
  • Batch to batch consistency in mechanical properties 
  • Corrosion resistance
Our customers have found excellent applications for Nanovate metal foams as energy dissipating back face layers in vehicle and personel armor.  
As an architectural material, Nanovate 
Metal foam for architectural applications
metal foam panels can create an interesting highly durable visual feature. 

If you are considering Aluminum foam, why not try Nanovate metal foams?  We think you'll be impressed!
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