Nanovate High Load Bushings and Bearing Material

Integran's unique Nanovate metals are ideal materials for Beryllium free high load bushings and bearings. The Nanovate bushings have excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, galling resistance and the high strength from the nanocrystalline structure yields the high compression strength required for the extreme applied loads.

Nanovate high load anti galling bushings   600x414px

The true test is a bushing load galling test where the parts are increasingly loaded by a pin of (of various materials) and deflection of the pin is measured. Success is full loading of the bearing to run-out. In our case, we ran the material to the Lockheed Martin Procedure LHM-010. As you can see in the results, our Nanovate material survives galling wear test with minimal deflection to runout of the test at 2000+ cycles.

Nanovate Bushing LHM 010 Test   Minimal Wear and Deformation at Runout  600x315px, One reason these Nanovate materials do so well is the inherent low coefficient of friction and high strength acheived through the nanostructuring of the metal.  

Nanovate Bushing Compression Yield Tensile Strength Graph   600x250px

An interesting result in the following test measuring the coefficient of friction of Nanovate Bushings against a variety of materials shows the extremely low coefficent of friction again Integran's Nanovate CoP - a nanocrystalline Cobalt plating process designed to replace hard chrome for sliding wear applications - like hydraulic cylinders.

Nanovate Bushing Friction vs High Strength Steel Graph   600x265px

Other Applications for this material:

  • Aerospace: Antigalling Abrasion/Wear Strips
  • Automotive/Racing: Gudgeon pin, Wrist Pins, Piston Pins 
  • Industrial: High Load Washers (engines, compressors, suspension, steering)

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