Armor Foil

Integran's high toughness, hardness and strength Nanovate metal foil have enabled manufacturers of multi-material armor and ballistic panels to improve performance while minimizing weight. These foils have exceptional mechanical properties with hardness near a tool steel while retaining good ductility. These materials may assist with mitigating energy shockwave using impedence mismatching phenomena, or with improving stab resistance of composites like polyethene (e.g. Dyneema) or aramid (e.g. Kevlar) fibers. Foil quality is underpinned by Integran's strong analytical capabilities.

Foil Features:

  1. High Hardness: ~550 Vickers (~53 Rockwell C)
  2. High Toughness: ~160ksi Yield Strength (1100MPa), ~230ksi Ultimate Strength coupled with ~7% elongation to failure. 
  3. High Elastic Limit: Thin foils can be elastically formed easily, plastic deformation similar to spring steel
  4. Temperature Resistance: Good temperature resistance for subsequent processing into a thermoset composite structure. 
  5. Corrosion Resistance: High corrosion resistance to composite production chemicals and in humid operating environments

Foil Specifications:

  • Panel size: 22"x24" 
  • Thickness Range: 0.002" - 0.006" (50-150 microns), in 0.001" increments
  • Areal Density Range: 0.1 - 0.3 oz/square foot
  • Thickness tolerance: ~+/- 10% 
Integran supplies both sample quantity foils, to support iterative armor plate development, and volume production. Foils are shipped from our Toronto Canada facilities quickly to anywhere globally. 

Nanovate Armor Foils - Vehicle ArmorNanovate Armor Foils - Body Armor - 300px

Samples can be purchased by contacting us using our "contact page".