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Mil-Spec released for Nanovate CoP - hard chrome alternative coating

Posted on Mon, Aug 18, 2014

Integran is pleased to announce that a Mil-Spec covering Integran's proprietary Nanovate CoP technology has been issued.  (Click text below to open spec, or go to the external website here)

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Nanovate CoP - Takes the Hex Out of Chrome Plating

Posted on Sat, Dec 01, 2012

The latest issue of Product Finishing Magazine has a great summary article written by Ruben Prado of Navair that looks at performance of Integran's Nanovate CoP process for corrosion and wear protection of steel.  This plating process is designed as a direct drop-in hard chrome replacement.  It's an electroplated metal with properties that exceed that of hard chrome in many respects.  Although the article focussed on some aerospace specific requirements (like fatigue resistance), there are fantasitc industrial, oil and gas and defense applications for the technology.

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Tags: Aerospace, Nanovate CoP, Corrosion and Wear, Chrome Replacement, Hard Chrome Replacement, Navair