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Colt Hockey: Kickstarter Successful, Stick pre-orders now available!

Posted on Thu, Nov 07, 2013

Congratulations to our partners, Colt Hockey, for meeting and exceeding their goal on Kickstarter to develop a higher performance and more durable composite hockey stick with PowerMetal Technologies.  The project exceeded expectations with over $100,000 raised from almost 500 supporters.  

Colt Hockey Stick using Nanovate metals resized 600

Integran and PowerMetal look forward to a successful product launch and have been working with Colt on product development in parallel.  Colt hopes to start shipping in November and December as promised.

The COLT: Engineering a Better Hockey Stick -- Kicktraq Mini

While the Kickstarter campaign is over, the product is available for pre-order, with multiple flex and curve options at:

To learn more about Nanovate metals and how they protect composites, please visit our webpage:

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