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Design Product News: "Integran's coatings toughen up designs"

Posted on Thu, Oct 04, 2012

Nanovate Structural Plating on PlasticsDesign Product News (DPN) has featured Integran's Nanovate coatings and how we improve the durability of different products. in particular, they write about:


1) The recent license of our Nanovate CoP for corrosion and wear protection of steel to Pratt and Whitney Canada.  You can read more about this technology on our Nanovate CoP page.


2) How we use our nanocrystalline nickel (and nickel alloy) platform to structurally reinforce plastics, making them lighter, stronger and more durable than the equivalent all-aluminum part.   You can read more about that on our Structural Plating product page.


3) How we use nanocrystalline nickel iron alloys to provide magnetic shielding to parts.  We also have a more detailed whitepaper covering magnetic shielding and a magnetic shielding product page if you need more info.


Have more questions?  Why not just get in touch with our engineers to discuss how our Nanovate metal plating technology could help in your application!


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Tags: Structural Plating, Nanovate CoP, Corrosion and Wear