Download detailed Nanovate CoP test data and examples of installations at Enduro Industries and US DoD's Naval Air Command (Navair)

We have 3 extensive papers and presentations in the downloads area that cover: 

  • Test data gathered by the Naval Air Systems Command (Navair) on their multiyear assessment for replacing hex chrome in their fleet.  This includes
    • Plating efficiency
    • Pictures of deployment
    • Corrosion properties
    • Wear properties
    • Fluid resistance
    • Fatigue properties
    • and highlights progress on flying demonstration/validation parts 
  • Detailed test data from a deployment to Enduro industries for hydraulic hard bar.  This includes:
    • Comparitive data to hex chrome (also supplied by Enduro)
  • Feature article in Product Finishing Magazine overviewing technical and process details of Nanovate CoP plating
Compilation of Nanovate CoP and PFOnline ENDURO and Navair resized 600